Car rental services, provided by Easy Rental:

  1. Short-term car rental in Vilnius and other larger cities.
  2. Car rentals with a chauffeur and passenger transportation. We provide services for weddings, meeting visitors from overseas, and tourist travels in the Baltic region.
  3. Long-term car rental. The service is provided to natural entities as well as legal entities.
  4. Car trade. You may choose a car from our lot of vehicles for sale or place an order and we will deliver the vehicle of your choice.
  5. Car leasing without bank financing – vehicle leasing.

Terms and conditions for car rental services:

  1. Car rentals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. The short-term car rentals are offered for at least 24-hour-term, however, the car may be returned earlier if needed. The luxury car rentals may be offered for a term less than 24 hours, however, these conditions are set out individually.
  3. If the person is more than 2 hours late to return the rented car upon the time agreed and there is no notice of this, an additional charge for one rental day or other time unit is imposed on the client. If the rented car is not returned in due time and there is a notice given, then depending on the delay, the conditions are set out individually.
  4. The car is returned to a site that was agreed upon beforehand in the Vilnius City, for example, the airport, a rental office or a hotel. However, the car may be returned to other Lithuanian cities or member states of the European Union. While returning a car to a site that is not in Vilnius City, the conditions are discussed and applied individually.
  5. When renting a car with a chauffeur service, the minimal renting term is 3 hours.
  6. The conditions of long-term rentals are applied when renting a car for a period at least 1 month.
  7. If you wish to rent a car, you must submit these documents: a valid driver’s license, an identity document.
  8. A payment for renting a car may be settled by American Express, VISA, and MasterCard credit cards, bank transfer or cash.
  9. When renting a car, a deposit of  €200 or more, depending on the car, is needed. In cases of damage or theft, the made deposit is the maximum responsibility taken by the lessee. In these cases the deposit is not returned.
  10. All car rentals are insured with third-party insurance and CASCO insurance.
  11. The milage of the car is limited during the rental period. In 24 hours you can drive up to 600 km; if you exceed the allowed limit, the price for every additional kilometre is   €0.10.
  12. The car is delivered in Vilnius City free of charge during the working hours, 9 AM-6 PM, if you rent the car for at least 48-hour-term. After the working hours, during weekends or when renting the car for 24 hours, a delivery fee of €13 is charged.
  13. When renting a car, a child safety seat is offered free of charge.
  14. When renting a car for a longer than a 5-day-period (120-hour-period), GPS equipment is offered free of charge. In other cases the leasing of GPS is €5 /day.
  15. If during the rental period it is planned that the car will be driven by more than one person, the additional driver is included into the agreement free of charge.
  16. During the rental period, the roadside assistance will be available 24 hours/day and free of charge. The roadside assistance is only provided in Lithuanian territory.
  17. You can use the rented car in all of the European Union. When leaving Lithuania it is obligatory to inform the car rental agency beforehand. If there is a need to leave to a state that is not the EU member state, the conditions are discussed and applied individually.
  18. The rented car is delivered with a full tank of gas. At the end of the renting period the lessee must return the car with a full tank of gas as well. If the car is returned with anything less than a full tank, administration fee is applied.
  19. If the lessee loses the documents, keys or the number plates of the vehicle or damages the wheel rims or tyres, the administered fine depends on the amount of damage incurred.

During the rental period it is forbidden:

  • to drive the car in a state of alcohol or substance intoxication,
  • to carry substances forbidden in the Republic of Lithuania and other countries,
  • to participate in car racing competitions or other vehicle-related events,
  • to use the car on the purpose of teaching driving,
  • to carry large animals,
  • to smoke inside the vehicle.