Long-term car rental

Long-term car rental is an excellent way to use new and reliable vehicles without investing a big part of your capital that might be used to develop a company or improve the wellbeing of your household. By choosing the long-term car rental services you avoid such additional tasks like car service, changing tyres, monitoring the expiry dates of the insurance contracts, preparing the car for MOT test and other worries that are related to the exploitation of your vehicle. We suggest to leave these troubles for us and we will properly attend to your car while you won’t waste your precious time.

The advantages of a long-term car rental:

  1. No initial deposit required.
  2. There is no need to attend to vehicle maintenance (changing oil and brake pads, taking care of wipers, etc.) and repair.
  3. During the rental period, the car is insured with third-party insurance and CASCO insurance.
  4. In the case of insured event you won’t have to take care of the administration.
  5. In the event of an accident or a breakdown, a replacement vehicle is lent free of charge, so you won’t be left without any wheels.
  6. Seasonal tyres of the vehicle will be changed on time and stored free of charge.
  7. Fixed monthly payments for the car rental will enable you to plan your own exact budget.
  8. Free roadside assistance will be provided 24 hours/day in the whole territory of the Republic of Lithuania.
  9. You won’t have to waste time performing MOT test of the vehicle.
  10. The rental payments for the vehicle are included in the operating costs of legal entities and self-employed people.
  11. Renting a car won’t incur any expenses due to depreciation in vehicle value.
  12. After the rental period ends, you will be able to prolong the rent term in substantially better conditions or even purchase the vehicle.
  13. If after the rental period ends you request to renew and change your vehicle, you will not have to worry about selling it. You can simply choose another vehicle you wish for and enjoy a freewheeling drive.